GPS-Action 1.2: GPS-Action fires alarm,performs action according to the GPS and Cell positions

GPS-Action 1.2

actions are performed without any user interaction, only using the location based information. You have no GPS inside your mobile? No problem! GPS-Action works also with CellID information that is available to all devices without GPS module. Nokia native landmarks are included automatically into the application. Key Features: • Alarms and actions performed silently, as soon as the geographical target is achieved • Recurring alarms and actions

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Free Action Games - Guerrilla War 1.0: Protect your occupied territory from enemy attacks.

Free Action Games - Guerrilla War 1.0

action games like Guerrilla War action games are the ones that really make the word "action" shine in its true meaning. It most certainly is an intriguing piece of software. Based on invasion games, this free action game puts you in the middle of action. Your goal is to protect your occupied territory from enemy attacks and keep those guerrilla attacks away from the barricades protecting you. The Guerrilla War action game sees up to its expensive

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Depths of Peril 1.015: Depths of Peril is a single player action RPG with strong strategy elements.

Depths of Peril 1.015

action leader, you must deal with rival factions through diplomacy, trade, and in time, war. Between battles and raids against other barbarian factions, you build the most powerful faction possible, to withstand your enemies. Building the power of a faction involves exploring a fantasy world, slaying dangerous monsters, solving quests for the city, avoiding deadly traps, and plundering loot to share within your faction. But in this world, actions

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Action Solitaire 1.40: Solitaire as an arcade game.  Play 70 different games.

Action Solitaire 1.40

Play solitaire as an arcade game with Action Solitaire. Unlike regular solitaire, Action Solitaire is played for points against the clock in timed rounds. Action Solitaire has 70 different games. Play fast action games such as Triple Peaks, Triple Towers, BlackJack Speed, and Picking Pairs. Play solitaire classics like FreeCell, Klondike, Spider, Pyramid, Golf, Gaps, Montana and Yukon, all like you have never seen them before.

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Jalapeno Element Saga 2.0: Jalapeno Element Saga is the power drink of all free action games out there.

Jalapeno Element Saga 2.0

Welcome to the Element Saga thrilling free action game. Everything about this excellent action game is simply astonishing. It is the perfect mixture of a free action game, combined with some heavy shooting game scenes and even with some one on one fight actions. Jalapeno Element Saga is the power drink of all free action games out there. It is great to play, easy to learn and you will have hours if not days of extreme fun playing it.

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Wastelands 1.21: New post-apocalyptic humans vs robots blockbuster shooter.

Wastelands 1.21

You wanted a kick-ass action game and you got it. Action, action, and more action - that`s a motto for the new post-apocalyptic humans vs robots blockbuster shooter called Wastelands created by Reflector Studio. The scenario is common for this kind of games - nuclear war, destroyed cities filled with the remnants of once magnificent sky scrappers, rusting cars and the cyborgs that went nuts and started killing people.

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FlashIII Action 2.0: It is time to start your own war colony.

FlashIII Action 2.0

This free action game is everything a strategy game player could wish for. Packed with action and still everything depends on your capability to manage your resources. Amazing tactics strenghts are needed to play this game, but that is exactly the thing that makes it so heavily addictive. This free action game is nothing short to amazing once you figure it out how to play it. It is time to start your own war colony.

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Urban Slug Commander 1.0: Accomplish secret action mission.

Urban Slug Commander 1.0

Free action games like Urban Slug Commander differ themselves from those casual arcade games in terms of excitement as well as in terms of action. They are simply superbly programmed and enormous time has been invested into making them what they are today: fantastic free action games. Your mission in this game is to travel the world and accomplish secret action mission. Each level has its own mission and it is up to you to complete it unharmed.

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Action DVD & DivX Player 2.8.0: Play and manage your DVD and DivX collection with this DVD and DivX Player.

Action DVD & DivX Player 2.8.0

Play and manage your DVD and DivX collection with this action packed DVD and DivX Player. Action DVD & DivX Player supports all major movie and video file types such as AVI, MPG, MPEG, WMV, DIVX, and XVID. Manage your movie collection with action based tool buttons and easy to access context menus. The movie page offers a complete overview of your DVD and DivX collection as well as a detailed highlight for each selected movie.

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Precision Builder Express 2.6: Tool to automate the compilation and distribution process of software products

Precision Builder Express 2.6

Action based architecture * Action library and comfortable Action selector * Script in the tree structure and easy action movements * Debugging capabilities and command-line execution * Flow control options available in each action * Support for variables, macros and expression evaluations * Customizable macros * Support for PascalScript language * Visual designer for graphical user interface of actions * History logs * Easy creation of actions for

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